Benefits for Business

There are many benefits to business by getting involved and supporting local colleges and their students. Read below to find out more.

What does Gander offer?

Gander enables businesses to be more active in their community and support local colleges and their students.

Giving your staff the chance to volunteer helps them develop their own skills, learn new skills and to bring those skills and insights gained back into your business. Often employees find getting involved with colleges and students provide a quality break from their day to day activities, as well as often being an immense source of employee satisfaction, making for happy, contented staff, and in turn, improving staff retention.

Working with local colleges often gives you the chance to network with other local companies, developing new relationships and networks along the way to grow and benefit your business.

Further, you can increase your profile and brand awareness and improve your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials, a move which can help you win awards and gain media coverage, all of which can be directed towards customers and/or peers.

If you find it difficult to recruit new staff with the right skills, why not speak to your local college and see if you can help to shape the curriculum and fill that gap? Perhaps by tailoring a course that can address your business needs, either in whole or in part – a certain college course could end up as a talent pipeline direct into your business.

Most importantly though, it’s about helping to give something back to the next generation and, from our own experience, the more you put in, the more you get out.

By getting involved with an initiative like Gander you can help inspire the next generation of employees, business leaders and entrepreneurs.