Support Categories

Find out what kind of support categories Gander offers

What kind of support categories does Gander offer?

Career Sampling provides students with an insight into a company workplace, with some experience of day to day activities. Placements can be for half days to a week and could include some work shadowing or even an internship.

Business Support offers practical feedback for students on work they undertake within the college curriculum. Examples would include participating on panels for enterprise days, or reviewing project work.

Mentoring helps students over a period of time, with a number of 121 meetings, guiding students, as they consider their career path. Typically there is a structured approach, with support and guidance from the college.

Career Support assists students with practical skills, such as writing a CV or practising interview technique, which builds experience and confidence as they progress further in education or enter the world of work.

Presentations typically take place on college premises and may offer students insight into different industries and companies, provide information on personal career journeys or give practical advice on areas such as managing and motivating staff.

Please see the Case Studies section for illustrations of the activities already undertaken within these categories.