Annual Progression Day at Cheadle & Marple College is successful in guiding students

This case study has been written by Hannah Clements, a journalism student at Cheadle and Marple College…

Once again, Cheadle & Marple College has shown its commitment to aiding their students’ future career plans by hosting their annual progression day at the Marple campus.

This event involved giving students advice about potential career paths ahead of them in education and employment, and had all the post-college options available to them explained. Many representatives from nearby Universities, Apprenticeship Providers and employers attended this event to ensure that each and every student could ask questions and be informed about all choices possible in order to pick the right career pathway for them.

Throughout the day, students took part in a variety of different workshops to prepare them for future choices, which many found valuable. When interviewed, Head Boy of Woodville House, Elliott Wines, stated that “On one level the day is beneficial” referring to the fact that many students have already taken an active interest in their future and have discovered things for themselves, not necessarily needing every workshop involved in the day, but also that “other people, especially in areas such as employment aren’t as familiar with the vital and important skills (they need)”. The three sessions that students generally felt were the most beneficial were the Careers Fair, and the workshops that centred around Employment / CV writing and interview skills delivered by employers and Personal Statements.

The Careers Fair was an excellent opportunity for students to approach employers, Training Providers and members of different Universities, to engage with them, make enquiries and collect prospectuses. The main reason this session was important was that 87% of students interviewed said they were considering University, and that the fair gave them the chance to find out the answers to their questions or concerns over their course.

As a student involved with the day’s events, I found the most useful aspect of the day the workshop based on employment, which gave very valuable information to us about writing CVs and cover letters and presented us with a lot of advice for job interviews which were very useful. Obviously, the main idea behind the event is to guide students into their future and this workshop in particular I feel was the one most needed and received the most positive feedback by the students.

As well as that, the workshop based on writing Personal Statements and applying to UCAS received a vast amount of positive feedback. Because many students feel the appropriate educational path for them is University, the skills developed in this session were appreciated and “helped me understand and develop my personal statement” (Dominic Sweeney, student)

Although to students the idea of writing CVs, personal statements and cover letters seems mundane, the process of doing it, and doing it correctly, is vital to secure a person’s success in the future. It is something many students procrastinate over, but being informed of the importance of this task undoubtedly helped many students significantly to realise the realism of the situation they are in, as well as how imminent their applications actually are.

Note : Tinies Childcare, Capita TI, Life Leisure, Stockport Council and Connections Recruitment all supported the Career Workshops via the Gander Programme and the feedback from the college and students was excellent.