Industry Insights presentation from college alumni

Stockport College ran a series of industry insight presentations for students to be able to see potential career pathways from particular study subjects.

Gander was asked if we could source local business leaders from a number of industries to share the story of their career journey.

Stuart Bradley, Managing Director of award winning local design agency Trust, was only too pleased to offer his support, given he had a unique perspective.

Stuart was able to talk from the very real viewpoint of the students in the audience, as he had attended Stockport College himself, before embarking on his own successful career journey, culminating in setting up his own Stockport based business, which has gone from strength to strength and includes recognition in the 2016 Stockport Business Awards.

The 40 students who attended were able to hear from Stuart about the twists and turns of his own career, as well as the challenges in setting up and running his own business.

Presentations such as these give great insight to students and are really beneficial in helping clarify career opportunities and pathways from their current academic studies.