You have questions, we have answers. For any concerns or queries you have that aren't covered by this page, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via andrew@gandercareers.com or 07770 643504.

  • How do I confirm that I am able to support a request from one of the colleges?

    Each request for support will outline how to confirm your participation. It will initially be via the website, which will be followed up with further details from the relevant college.

  • How do I find out if my support is required?

    Having confirmed your willingness to support, you will be contacted by the relevant college to confirm your involvement and be provided with further details. If any of the support requests are oversubscribed, you will be made aware.

  • By registering, am I committed to support the programme?

    While we hope that by registering, you have a willingness to support the programme, we recognise that there will be times where the opportunity isn't relevant for you or your company, or that the timing may not be convenient. There is no commitment by registering and you decide which opportunities you want to support, as they are posted.

  • Where will the activities take place?

    This will depend on the particular activity. Many will take place on the respective college campuses across Stockport, while others, such as work placements, would be hosted on business premises. The location will be clearly indicated in each request for support.

  • Where are the participating colleges located?

    Stockport College and Aquinas College are both located in or close to the town centre. Cheadle & Marple College operates from two campuses - one in Cheadle and one in Marple. Full location details with directions and maps can be found in the college section of the website.

  • What age group are the students?

    The students will be in the 16-19 age range.

  • Can I update the areas I want to support?

    You can amend the support categories - there are 5 - you are able to support at any time, by updating your profile on the website.

  • How will I find out about opportunities?

    Each opportunity will be posted separately by the relevant college and will be shown on the website. Additionally each opportunity will be matched to businesses or individuals from the relevant industry sector and support category. They will receive an e-mail directly, outlining the opportunity as it is matched to them. Regular updates will also be provided by an electronic newsletter.

  • Who should I ask if I have any questions or concerns?

    Please use the Contact Us section of the website and we will respond to your query.

  • What should I wear, when attending an event at one of the colleges?

    Unless the support request suggests otherwise, we would recommend wearing what you usually would for work.

  • If I'm doing a presentation, do I need to bring my own laptop/technology?

    We will always aim to minimise the impact on you and the colleges will confirm any of these requirements with you, when they confirm your involvement.